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Are your kids ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of creative writing?

Creative writing can be a great way to unleash creativity, expand imagination, and give kids the license to build their own world. You can tie a topic to a learning theme that you are working on at home, or give them the freedom to write about a broad topic of their choice.

Whether your child is a budding storyteller or a wordsmith in the making, the topic starters below will be just the thing to ignite imagination. Use these creative writing prompts that will inspire creating captivating tales and explore the depths of your child’s creativity.

So grab your pens, pencils, or keyboards, and let’s dive in!

Preparing to Write

We recommend that you have a designated area that your child can focus on writing, whether that is the kitchen table, a desk in their room, or other area where learning happens – lessening distractions is key to being able to focus on the task of writing.

They may have a special item, like a plush dog or squishy unicorn, that they want to bring to their writing space to help inspire them. For younger writers, they can even use “talk to type” features on a laptop to record their creativity. This activity works for all ages and writing abilities. The goal is to come up with a unique creation and see what it turns into

Goals Based on Age

Depending on the age of your writers may vary up which topics you would like to have them focus on, what type of supporting creative items they may want to add like drawings, and how much you may anticipate they will write.

Preschool: Use felt busy books to have preschoolers mix together characters and storylines. Have them draw the pictures for their story and then write out a sentence on the bottom of each paper to put together their images in a book!

Grade School: Write and illustrate a story from one of the prompts below

Tweens & Tweens: Using the prompts below, write a multi-chapter story using story structure.

30 Writing Topics to Spark Creativity

1. The Magical Doorway:

Imagine stumbling upon a mysterious doorway that leads to a magical world. Describe what you see, hear, and feel as you step through it.

2. Time Travel Adventure:

If you could travel back in time, which historical event would you choose to witness? Write a story about your thrilling time-traveling adventure.

3. Animal Adventures:

Pick an animal and imagine what it would be like to live a day in its shoes. Write a story from the perspective of that animal.

4. The Lost Treasure:

You stumble upon an ancient map that leads to a hidden treasure. Describe your quest to find it and the challenges you face along the way.

5. Superhero Origins:

Create your own superhero and write a story about how they acquired their extraordinary powers. What challenges do they face as they embrace their newfound abilities?

6. A Day in the Life of a Robot:

Imagine waking up as a robot. Describe your daily routine, interactions with humans, and the challenges you face in a world designed for humans.

7. The Enchanted Forest:

You find yourself in a magical forest filled with mythical creatures. Describe your encounters with fairies, unicorns, and other enchanting beings.

8. The Haunted House:

You spend a night in a haunted house. Describe the eerie atmosphere, the ghostly encounters, and the mystery you unravel.

9. Lost in Space:

You accidentally get launched into space and find yourself on an unknown planet. Describe your intergalactic adventure and the strange creatures you encounter.

10. The Talking Toy:

One of your toys comes to life and starts talking. Write a story about your friendship and the adventures you embark on together.

11. The Secret Garden:

Discover a hidden garden with magical plants and flowers. Describe the beauty of the garden and the wonders it holds.

12. The Time Capsule:

You unearth a time capsule buried by your ancestors. Write a story about the objects you find inside and the stories they tell.

13. The Dream Machine:

You invent a machine that allows you to enter other people’s dreams. Describe the dreams you explore and the lessons you learn.

14. The Friendly Monster:

You befriend a monster that everyone else is afraid of. Write a story about your unlikely friendship and the adventures you have together.

15. The Lost City:

You stumble upon a lost city deep in the jungle. Describe the ancient ruins, the secrets they hold, and the discoveries you make.

16. The Talking Animals:

All animals suddenly gain the ability to talk. Write a story about the chaos and hilarity that ensues.

17. The Time-Traveling Pen:

You discover a pen that can transport you to any time and place. Write a story about your time-traveling escapades.

18. The Magic Spell:

You find a spellbook that grants you magical powers. Describe the spells you cast and the consequences they bring.

19. The Flying Carpet:

You come across a magical flying carpet. Write a story about your adventures as you soar through the skies.

20. The Alien Encounter:

You encounter friendly aliens from another planet. Describe your interactions with them and the lessons you learn about their culture.

21. The Talking Trees:

The trees in a nearby forest start talking. Write a story about the wisdom they share and the lessons they teach.

22. The Invisible Cloak:

You discover an invisible cloak that makes you invisible. Write a story about the mischief you get up to while wearing it.

23. The Lost Fairy:

You find a lost fairy and help her find her way back home. Describe the magical world you explore together.

24. The Time-Traveling Detective:

You become a time-traveling detective, solving mysteries throughout history. Write a story about your thrilling investigations.

25. The Magic School:

You enroll in a school for young wizards and witches. Describe your magical education and the adventures you have with your classmates.

26. The Talking Statue:

A statue in a park comes to life and starts talking. Write a story about the wisdom it imparts and the lessons you learn.

27. The Underwater Kingdom:

You discover a hidden underwater kingdom. Describe the breathtaking sights, the underwater creatures, and the adventures you have.

28. The Robot Rebellion:

Robots gain consciousness and rebel against humans. Write a story about the challenges faced by both humans and robots in this new world.

29. The Time-Traveling Inventor:

You invent a time machine and travel to the future. Describe the futuristic world you explore and the discoveries you make.

30. The Magic Mirror:

You find a magic mirror that shows you glimpses of different worlds. Write a story about the worlds you visit and the lessons you learn.

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Congratulations, on diving into writing to your young authors! You’ve now got a treasure trove of creative writing prompts to spark your imagination and unleash your storytelling skills. Remember, the power of words is in your child’s hands, and with each story they create, they are weaving a tapestry of their own unique voice. Explore these prompts, use them as a part of the themed activity units, and let your creativity soar.

Happy writing, and may the stories that unfold inspire and captivate readers of all ages!

If your kids need any more inspiration or guidance, Little Learning Ideas is here to support you on your learning at home journey. Keep dreaming, keep writing, and keep embracing the magic of storytelling!

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