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Learning at Home Questions

Children are naturally inquisitive and love exploring the world around them! The best part about learning at home, is that you don’t need to have a ton of special items to get started! Lean into what your child loves to learn about, and start with special books or interactive items on that subject.

You know your child best! Learning at home can be as structured or as unstructured as you want to make it. We love learning from books, worksheets, and routines at our house – but that may not be the best fit for everyone. Make a plan that works for you and your child, to meet the goals you would like to achieve! (Which can be as simple as encouraging a love of learning!)

Learning comes in many forms, and many everyday tasks we do around the house include teaching moments. Everything from baking in the kitchen to helping to do laundry has elements of learning in it. For formal learning time, you don’t need huge blocks of time devoted to activities and we love hands on activities so learning time is fun!

If you’re looking to make a schedule, we like time blocking during the day for 1 reading activity, 1 hands on activity, 1 writing activity, 1 exploring activity – and blocking off 30 minutes to an hour depending on the activity. Depending on your goals this could be every day or a few times a week.

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