Sensory Play

Sensory Plan

Here’s a round up of Our Favorite Sensory Play Activities

Hands on learning is a great way to spark learning by using all of your senses and see the world in a whole different way!

  • How to Make a Sensory Bin
  • Sensory Bin Essential Items
  • Creating Busy Bags
  • Felt Story Building

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Why Sensory Play?

Sensory play helps encourage learning through hands on exploration!

When you engage the senses during learning, it invokes curiosity, problem solving, and enhanced creativity.

Use these sensory items to get started:

  • Water Beads
  • Rock Collection
  • Felt play
  • Construction Paper
  • Felt Busy Books

Sensory play also supports language development and motor skills.

Get these sense boosting activities to start!

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